Illusione Garagiste

  • Origin Nicaragua
  • Wrapper Ecuador
  • Binder Nicaragua
  • Filler Nicaragua
  • Strength Medium-Full

One of our favorite aspects of the cigar industry is the cast of characters that lead some of today’s cigar companies. Some are reclusive and would rather focus on their craft while others are outspoken and ostentatious. However, they all share a passion for outstanding tobacco. Dion Giolito, Illusione’s founder, is what you might call a “super tobacco nerd.” He has a passion for seeking knowledge about different types of tobacco and how they work together when creating a blend. And he’s quite good at it too. It’s why Illusione has garnered a well-deserved reputation and accolades for creating cigars that are known for their balance and intricacy.

The Illusione Garagiste blend, like everything else in the Illusione universe, has an interesting backstory. The term “Garagiste” is the name given to a group of winemakers in the Bordeaux region of France who emerged in the mid-1990s that produce “garage wines” in reaction to the traditional style that had been prevalent in the past. Think of it as experimental winemaking. Giolito likened this process to the way he blends cigars and experimenting with new fermentation techniques. Garagiste features exquisite, all Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos along with a reddish-colored Habano wrapper from Ecuador. Tasting notes include flavors of earth, dark, chocolate, and pepper with hints of leather, nuts, and espresso. It’s a bit bolder than some other Illusione blends but a masterclass in balance and flavor.

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