The Diademas Finas, which has never before been part of the Grand Cru line-up, has an even stronger connection to the world of wine. For the first time, Davidoff has reflected the notes of a Rive Droite Bordeaux, namely citrus, dark cherries and walnut, in a cigar. This has been achieved by blending the three main tobaccos in the filler, just as a Bordeaux is blended with three different main grape varieties. In addition, Davidoff aged one of the filler tobaccos in a Premier Grand Cru Classé red wine cask from Bordeaux, which has never been done before by anyone else. The Dominican San Vicente seco is a finer leaf, which absorbs more of the aroma from the cask and thus helps the cigar resemble the fruity character of the wine. The figurado highlights the remarkable skill of the rollers and allows aficionados to gradually unveil this assemblage of perfection.

The Grand Cru Diademas Finas with its citrus, cherry and walnut flavors has been blended to be even closer to the world of wine than the classic Grand Cru line. Since one of the filler tobaccos was aged in a red wine cask, the cigar is ideally enjoyed with a red Bordeaux wine, especially from the Rive Droite. Saint-Émilion wines are renowned for their fruity character, making them the ideal companion for the Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition Collection.

Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition