Arturo Fuente

  • Origin Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper Varies
  • Binder Varies
  • Filler Varies
  • Strength Varies

Few premium cigar companies have the respect and reputation that Arturo Fuente deservedly carries. From their earliest days they have followed the mantra of “Never Rush the Hands of Time.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But what does that have to do with premium cigars? Simply put, they will not make more cigars than they are capable of producing well. Production volume at the expense of quality does not exist in a Fuente factory. Since 1912, this reputation has allowed them to plot their own course and not bend to market pressure for more cigars. The Fuente portfolio is built of several core lines that include instantly recognizable names such as Gran Reserva, Hemingway, OpusX, Don Carlos, and in this case Chateau Fuente. Each line has a special meaning to the Fuente family, and each line is constructed with care.