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The Tabernacle Broadleaf is one of Foundation Cigar Company’s top-selling super premium cigars, and is what some aficionados’ call “The boutique Liga Privada No. 9”. Boasting a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and some of Nicaragua’s finest fillers, it’s a combination of tastes that calls on founder Nicholas Melillo’s roots in the Connecticut River Valley and also his work with the finest artisanal tobacco batches in Nicaragua. Boasting a 90-Rating from Cigar Aficionado and making many “Top 25 Cigar Of The Year” lists for over 5 years in a row, The Tabernacle is a cigar that commands a strong following, and subsequently, is geared towards those who enjoy a fairly strong flavor profile. Expect a great burn, plenty of smoke with each draw, and rich notes of cocoa, pepper, and earth.

The Tabernacle Havana Seed No. 142 is crafted from an extremely rare seed, and is unlike any other tobacco in the world! Due to the high oil content from the plant, this tobacco takes a whopping three years of fermentation to be ready for smoking, hence why this release took so long. The smoking experience itself is a superb, and complex journey of incredible flavor. As soon as you light up a Tabernacle Havana Seed, you'll enjoy well-balanced notes of subtle sweetness with rich roasted cocoa, espresso, pepper, and spice. You'll find a change in pace as you pass the first half of the cigar that culminates into a beautifully slight melting cinnamon bun flavor, and still consistent spice & pepper notes. In all, you'll be delighted with a bombardment of rich flavor, and medium to medium-plus strength level.

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