Diesel Esteli Puro

  • Origin Nicaragua
  • Wrapper Nicaragua
  • Binder Nicaragua
  • Filler Nicaragua
  • Strength Medium-Full

The Diesel brand is a relatively new marquee in the cigar world. According to their marketing, the brand is made for people who have no use for flash or attention. Their cigars are unapologetic and unafraid to be different. They don’t have time for anything substandard, so they keep what works and disregard the rest. You’ll find slightly understated labels and packaging on their line of products, but don’t let that fool you into the idea that this is just some marketing campaign. They produce solid, well-made cigars and their latest addition, the Diesel Esteli Puro, is no exception.

The Diesel Esteli Puro is handmade in Nicaragua by the maestro himself, AJ Fernandez. As its name implies, this special cigar is made entirely of tobaccos grown in Esteli, Nicaragua. Beyond that, all of the tobaccos are Nicaraguan Esteli Habano leaves of various vintages. Typically a cigar composed of only one type of tobaccos is a boring affair, but the Diesel Esteli Puro works extremely well and offers complex flavors of cream, honey-roasted nuts, and cocoa with hints of coffee and cedar. It’s often the simple things that are most satisfying, and the Diesel Esteli Puro is no exception. This medium-to-full body blend is the perfect pairing for your favorite cup of coffee or glass of bourbon.

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