Posted by Daz Herring on 3rd Nov 2016

Cigar Review #9 - Cigar King Gold Series (Original)

The Smoking Gun Cigar Review November 2, 2016

Cigar King Gold Series (Original)

Toro (6.5 x 52)

I'm closing in on smoking and reviewing all of the Cigar King exclusive blends. Today's selection is the original Cigar King Gold Series. I'm finding it very interesting to smoke all of the cigars make by Mitchel Hirsh, owner of Cigar King. Even though all of these brands are cigars made by different factories and are collaborations between Mitchel and other blenders, there is a familiarity across the lines.

It's hard to explain, but the complexity and balance of all of these cigars are much the same, but very different. If I were going to relate it to food (of which I am a big fan), I would say: I really like Indian food. I love the spices/curries that give them that “Indian” quality. Although the dishes have different ingredients and flavor combinations, they are all easily identified as being Indian; it's the flavor profile.

The Cigar King exclusive blends are much like that. They're made in different factories, using different tobaccos, but they all have an underlying consistency. While the obvious identifier is quality, I seem to get the same sort of tasting notes from each cigar. Now, that's not to say they taste the same. They don't. But, there are hints of certain things that make me want to try them all and come back to them again and again.

This Gold Series is no different. (As I am writing this, I am smoking and starting my notes on the Gold Series II. Same name; different tobaccos; different taste). I'm finding it to be familiar and tasty- just as the original. Here's what I found in the first opus:

A little history:

The cigar is the creation of Mitchel Hirsh and Rocky Patel and is a limited production release. It is a small-batch production cigar that only yielded 250 boxes of a Toro (6.5 x 52) size cigar. (I don't know how many are left of the original, but you might not want to wait on this one!) The Gold Series II is available, as well. I'll be reviewing it next.

OK. I'll list the questions and give an answer for each—based on my personal smoking experience:

What are you smoking?

Cigar King Gold Series - Toro (6.5 x 52)

Who makes it?

It is a collaboration between Mitchel Hirsh and Rocky Patel.

Where's it from?

It is made at Rocky Patel's El Paraiso Factory in Honduras.

What other sizes are available?

The cigar is only available in a Toro (6.5 x 52).

How much does it cost?

I believe the individual stick price is around $7.00. It is available in a five pack for $34.00 or a box of 20 for $119.95. That puts the price at around $6.00 per cigar, based on box pricing discounts.

How well is it constructed?

It's a well-constructed cigar. The wrapper and cap are of the same quality you would expect in a premium cigar made in a top-notch factory. It has a lovely dark-brown wrapper with considerable veins, throughout.

What’s the blend (or, at least, the wrapper)?

The wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf over a San Andreas Maduro binder. The The filler is a mixture of different tobaccos from several regions in Nicaragua.

How did it light?

It was a great light.

How's the draw?

The draw was good and even.

How does it burn?

The burn was mostly good. I did have some small issues in the final third (but, in all honesty, I was distracted and not paying attention to my cigar.) Operator error!

Is there a predominate flavor/taste?

The smell of the wrapper was that of leather and barn. It did have an underlying sweetness. That combination says, to me, “This is going to be good!” I did catch some difference on the foot. I smelled more sweetness and a hint of cocoa and caramel/burnt sugar. The dry draw was much of the same.

On the first draw, I tasted a richness and fuller body than I had expected from the dry draw. There was a light floral quality with hints of hay/alfalfa and grass. The sweetness was still there, but only on the back end of the flavor combination.

Did it change as you smoked it?

Yes. The second third opened up to a much bolder flavor profile, with the hint of leather returning and a touch of dried fruit sweetness. (It may have been raisin. I was drinking something that may have masked the true flavor). There wasn't as much pepper/spice as I would have expected with the filler that was used, but it was there, just not as strong.

The final third was stronger, still. The sweetness lessened and the full, rich flavor of the Nicaraguan fillers took center stage. The cigar continued toward a bold and potent finish.

How would you describe its strength: mild, medium, or strong?

I would call it a medium plus with a strong finish.

Would you smoke it again?

Yes, if I can get my hands on more of them. As I said earlier, I don't know how many they have left. This was a limited run.

Should I try it?

Yes! If you like Nicaraguan tobacco flavors but don't like the peppery tongue lashing you get with other blends, this is the cigar for you. Trust me. The fullness is there, but it isn't overpowering.

Do you have an extra that you’ll give me?

No. I think I'm going to have to take this question out of my reviews. I'm tired of people asking me for free cigars!


The Cigar King Gold Series (original) is a great quality, reasonably-priced cigar. It has tremendous flavor and evolves through some wonderful taste changes. It is closer to bold, especially in the final third, than some of the other Cigar King exclusives, and well worth a try. If you like strength but don't like peppery spice, it's a wonderful choice.

Flavor, quality and reasonable price are a rare combination in the cigar world. But, in my humble opinion, Mitchel Hirsh and Rocky Patel have produced a combination of those elements that will make you want to go back to this cigar again and again. I just hope there are some available that will allow us all to give it a try.

As mentioned earlier, this cigar is only available at Cigar King. They can be reached through their website ( or you can stop by the store, located at 7830 E Gelding Dr #100, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Either way, tell them you read one of my reviews!

Well, that's the end of another Smoking Gun review. I hope you've enjoyed the read. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this page. I'm always happy to answer questions or tell you about what I've been smoking. Also, if you liked, appreciated or hated my review, let me know. I want to be a resource for the everyday cigar smoker. You don't have to be an expert, you just need an hour or so to enjoy a good cigar.

And, remember: don't let other people tell you what to smoke. If you like it, smoke it!