Cigar Review # 7 - Cigar King Aged Reserve Maduro

Posted by Daz Herring on 8th Oct 2016

Cigar Review # 7 - Cigar King Aged Reserve Maduro

The Smoking Gun Cigar Review October 7, 2016 Cigar King – Aged Reserve Maduro

Pyramide – (6 x 52)

As I continue my quest to try all of the Cigar King exclusive brands, I decided on the Aged Reserve Maduro for this edition. This inexpensive cigar is definitely a mover. Don't be fooled by the price. It's made from the same premium tobaccos as the other Cigar King brands, but has a price that might make you think twice about how many boxes (yes, I said boxes and not bundles) you might want to buy.

So, let's dive right in. Here's what I found:

A little history:

Introduced in 2005, the Cigar King Aged Reserve has been flying off the shelves for over 15 years. It's combination of value, quality, and flavor are the keys to its success. The cigar is a collaboration between Mitchel Hirsh and General Cigar Company that took five years to craft. One unique feature of the cigar is that each cigar is wrapped in tissue, leaving only the band and the top inch of the cigar exposed. According to the Cigar King website ( and common logic, this method protects the foot of the cigar while still allowing you to view this gorgeous cigar's wrapper.

Just like before, I'll list the questions and give an answer for each—based on my personal smoking experience:

What are you smoking?

Cigar King Aged Reserve – Pyramide Maduro (6 X 52)

Who makes it?

They are made exclusively for Cigar King by General Cigar Company.

Where's it from?

They are hand made at the HATSA cigar factory in Honduras.

What other sizes are available?

Along with the Pyramide (6 x 52), there is a Churchill (7 x 50), Corona (5.5 x 46), Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 52) and Gigante (6 x 60). All sizes are available in both Natural and Maduro.

How much does it cost?

All sizes come in boxes of 25 and range in price from $72 to $79 dollars (with on-line discounts). You can buy any any size, with the exception of the Gigante (which sells for $6.95), for $5.95, in-store.

How well is it constructed?

Both of my examples were meticulously constructed, with a strong pointed cap. (This is something I like on a pyramid or torpedo [shaped] cigar. If there's not a good sharp point, the cigar probably wasn't rolled well). The wrapper was a rich dark color with a light oily sheen. I do want to mention my cut on these cigars. On one, I used a straight cut, which works very well with a pyramid, though the cut was farther down than you might think is appropriate.

If you think about the fact that the end of this style cigar is tapered, you will get a much better draw if you cut farther down (this keeps the smoke from funneling through a small opening and having a hard draw). On the second cigar, I angled my blade to about 45 degrees. This opens up a larger amount of filler and seems to make the cigar smoke and taste better. As much as you think it will, it doesn't effect the burn. Try it sometime and see what you think.

What’s the blend (or, at least, the wrapper)?

The blend is slow-aged Dominican and Honduran filler tobaccos along with an Ecuadorian binder leaf. The wrapper is Broadleaf Maduro (or Connecticut Shade, if you choose the natural wrapper, which are both grown in the USA and are from a 1997 crop of tobacco that is a Cigar King exclusive).

How did it light?

It lit well.

How's the draw?

It was good and even throughout the cigar.

How does it burn?

It was consistent and even. I did have one little spot near the final third that I needed to tidy up, but it only happened on one of the two sticks (most likely operator error)!

Is there a predominate flavor/taste?

On my first sniff, I caught some leather and light spice. There was also a slight floral quality, but that might have been caused by the insect repellant I had just put on. (The mosquitos were viscous that night!). On the foot, I got a hint of honey.

The dry draw gave me another taste of that honey sweetness. However, there was also a rich dark quality, as well (like a good dark chocolate truffle, with a sweet caramel filling). As I lit the cigar I was very surprised by the character of the smoke. It was much bolder than I would have expected after the dry draw.

Did it change as you smoked it?

There were some definite changes as I smoke through it. As I settled in to the cigar, I tasted the leather notes again and got a hint of walnut, but there was no noticeable sweetness. The second third was a little bolder with more of the spiciness showing through and some black pepper. In the final third there was even more spice and the nutty quality returned. (I swear it tasted like good English black walnuts, to me).

How would you describe its strength: mild, medium, or strong?

Both of my examples were the maduro wrapped version, and I would put them in the medium- bodied category, despite the milder start.

Would you smoke it again?

I would. It's rare to find a quality smoke for under $4 per stick (based on the box pricing). Just like many of you, I'm always on the look out for good, inexpensive smokes!

Should I try it?

You should! I don't think you'll find too many cigars of this quality at this price. I know I always say yes, but this one is a “no-brainer.” Also, you can take a handful of them with you to the golf course and give them to your buddies without breaking the bank. They'll get a great smoke and you'll be the hero of the group (even if you shoot 20 over par)!

Do you have an extra that you’ll give me?

At the price of these cigars, I'll see what I can do. But, probably not. I think you should be buying some for me to thank me for telling you about them.


The Cigar King Aged Reserve is a good quality, medium-bodied, premium cigar that is available exclusively at Cigar King. No matter if you're looking for an everyday smoke or something for a special occasion, this is the stick for you. Most of the time a cigar of this price comes in a cellophane bundle. Now, I'm not saying that all bundled cigars are of lesser quality, but many are. These cigars are beautifully boxed and carefully crafted to give you a rich, flavorful and well-balanced smoking experience.

If you live in Central Arizona, stop by Cigar King, at 7830 E. Gelding Dr #100, in Scottsdale

and try one today. If you aren't fortunate to live in the “Valley of the Sun,” you can always order on-line at Either way, you should try the Cigar King Aged Reserve. I think you'll find yourself coming back to this stick again and again.

Thanks for joining me for another review. I do hope you've enjoyed the read and, have perhaps, learned a thing or two. Just for the record, I don't always like everything I smoke, but I don't want to be too critical of a cigar others might love. We all have different tastes! So, if there's a cigar you would like to know about, ask me. I'll let you know what I think.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this page. I'm always happy to answer questions or tell you about what I've been smoking. Also, if you liked, appreciated or hated my review, let me know. I want to be a resource for the everyday cigar smoker. You don't have to be an expert, you just need an hour or so to enjoy a good cigar.

And, remember: don't let other people tell you what to smoke. If you like it, smoke it!