Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve

  • Origin Nicargua
  • Wrapper Nicaragua
  • Binder Nicargua
  • Filler Nicargua
  • Strength Medium-Full

Eduardo Fernandez, Owner of Aganorsa Leaf and Casa Fernandez, has a philosophy that guides his business endeavors: “First you crawl, then you walk, and then you run. It’s a process you can’t skip or else it comes back to haunt you.” 35 years ago he created the Casa Fernandez brand. In 1998 he established Aganorsa tobacco in Nicaragua with a dream of growing some of the world’s finest tobaccos and becoming a vertically integrated manufacturer. He spent the next 15 years in pursuit of that goal and achieved it.

The Rarer Leaf Reserve was not designed to be a one and done limited edition line. The focus was to create a limited production cigar that would be available as the tobaccos allowed. The concept was to showcase their Criollo tobaccos as they poses a distinct flavor and smoking profile. The blend begins with Corojo 99 & Criollo 98 filler tobaccos along with a double binder consisting of two types of Criollo 98 grown on different farms. Topping the blend is a Jalapa-grown Nicaragua wrapper that has a beautiful reddish-brown color. It’s a masterpiece blend that truly showcases their pride in their tobaccos and their blending skills Tasting notes include earth, cedar pepper, and cream with hints of vanilla, espresso, citrus, and nuts. The Rare Leaf Reserve is a wonderfully complex cigar!

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