Does the name Steve Saka ring a bell? Think about it for a minute... still unsure? You may not know the name, but chances are, you've smoked blends he had a huge hand in creating. Steve Saka got his initial debut by famously being credited for creating Drew Estate's Best Selling Liga Privada Series while president of the company. Since his departure from Drew in 2013, Mr. Saka has gone on to do big things including creating several hot new boutique cigar lines with his new company "Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust". 

This brand new and highly anticipated release is no exception. Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the infamous: Umbagog. The initial inspiration came from Lake Umbagog in NH, Saka's favorite lake to fish in. Saka says: "The Umbagog was created so I would have a suitable cigar for all my outdoor activities. It's the working man's cigar." Priced at approximately $6.60 a stick, this vitola is indeed the value line of Saka's high dollar but top shelf releases!

We here at Cigar King have smoked it, and we love it! For the price, it can't be beat. Supply is very limited and is sold on a first come, first serve basis. The consensus at The Cigar King is: "The Umbagog is a must try."