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Since being in existence for over 175 years, H. Upmann can be recognized as one of the oldest brands still being rolled today. The brand has continuously added iconic blends over the years and is always creating new premium cigars for the world to enjoy. In 2017, H. Upmann partnered up with the legendary AJ Fernandez to introduce the initial release of the H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez.

Then in 2019, the H. Upmann 175 Anniversary, another creation by AJ, was released and earned Cigar Aficionado’s No. 10 cigar of 2019. This most-excellent collaboration is back again and is bringing a premium handmade that is known as the H. Upmann Nicaragua AJ Fernandez Heritage to your humidor. This cigar was featured at TPE 2022 and features tobaccos straight from AJ’s farms. The binder and fillers are Nicaraguan tobaccos that are from AJ. The only component not from Nicaragua, is the Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper which is a triple fermented leaf.

With the combination of these leaves, the profile of this cigar is clocked at medium-full. With a continuation of the epic collaboration between two legends, it’s no wonder why the brand has been around for so long. Grab a box today and enjoy the next chapter of H. Upmann!