The Tattoo from Tatuaje is a cigar designed for a single purpose: delivering great flavor for an outrageously great price. Clocking in at anywhere between $5.00-$7.00 per stick, Pete Johnson’s latest hit delivers that classic Nicaraguan flavor that makes Tatuaje so loved at a price that can be enjoyed daily (or multiple times daily!) Coming in 4 traditional tried and true sizes - 5x50 robusto, 6x50 toro, 6x52 torpedo and a 6x58 gordo - the Tatuaje Tattoo has something to offer to smokers across the board. Normally we might say you’d just have to take our word on just how tasty this little guy is, but we’re pretty confident the unanimous praise across the board for the Tatuaje Tattoo speaks for itself.

Tatuaje Tattoo