Illusione is a brand known for balance and flavor in the cigars it produces, a reputation that has served it well over the years. Brand owner Dion Giolito isn't one to release a bevy of new product each and every year but when the oppurtunity to release a fuller bodied product that came about, Dion did just that. The Illusione Ultra is the payoff of the hard work that Dion put in to create a fuller bodied yet balanced and flavorful cigar.

The Illusione Ultra comes in 3 sizes, each box pressed, that deliver big flavor with a stronger kick than the rest of the Illusione lineup. You can expect a dark and rich aroma with flavors of cocoa, raisin like sweetness and a slightly earthy undertone. Full bodied is the only way to describe this delicious new blend from Illusione.

Illusione Ultra