**This is a vintage blend done by Pepin Garcia & Mitchel Hirsh circa 2001. The tobacco used for this vitola was nicknamed "Nicaraguan Vueltabajo" and is no longer in existence. Cigars are available singularly upon request. $50 Per Cigar. 

The Hirsh y Garcia Cigars are the result of hard work and colaboration between two great people in the cigar industry, Mitchel Hirsh and Pepin Garica. When they get together to create a new cigar, there is no telling what kind of creative blends they can come up with. Pepin Garcia got together with Mitchel Hirsh, owner of Cigar King and created a cigar together to commemorate both their business relationship and their personal friendship. Hirsh y Garcia uses an absolutely sumptuous blend of Nicaraguan tobacco with a dark, chocolate brown colored Corojo wrapper.

All of Pepin's blends are totally unique and this is no exception. This medium to full bodied smoke is bursting with strong flavors of black pepper and cedar. This spicy smoke will satisfy those looking to capture the flavor of a Havana.

Hirsh y Garcia by Pepin Garcia

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