The Banker from H. Upmann is latest release from the fabled brand. H. Upmann was originally started by two brothers Carl and Herman Upmann; two wealthy bankers in the early 1800s. The story goes that in the 1840s the duo traveled to Cuba to try their hand at blending a cigar that was both unique and worthy of be given as gifts to their favored clients.

They eventually achieved their goal, and The Banker was kept under lock and key in the private vault belonging to the brothers, only to emerge for select clientele. This is a great day-to-day cigar with a great set of core flavors that it does exceedingly well. Flavors of hearty breads, coffee, and cedar are present with hints of pepper and even lighter notes of sugars. Its balance is excellent, and it has enough diversity in its profile to keep things interesting from start to finish.

H. Upmann The Banker cigars have earned ratings as high as 91 points by Cigar Aficionado!

H. Upmann The Banker

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