Drew Estate Undercrown is a new liga cigar created on the factory floor by Drew Estate's best Liga Privada Torcedores.  It was created by them for them.  They wanted to smoke too many of the Liga Privada cigars they were crafting and the management team at Drew asked that they cut back.  Well instead of scalling back their smoking habbits, they created an all new Liga just for themselves.  Their secret didn't last long and the Liga Undercrown was born.  Liga Undercrown incorporates many of the same rare tobaccos as Liga Privada, but they use different vintages and primings to create teh Liga Undercrown.  The blend begins with Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan longfillers, T52 Connecticut stalk cut & cured Habano binder.  It is topped off with a Mexican Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper that is beautiful, dark and oily to complete the blend.  Undercrown is a complex smoke with earthy, creamy and spicy flavors finishing with a subtle sweetness associated with the black tobaccos used in this cigar.


Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro