Liga Privada is a cigar sought the world over. A creation by Drew Estate to meet the demand of company President Steve Saka, Liga Privada is full bodied and full flavored, all while maintaining a smooth and balanced profile. Over the years the masterminds at Drew Estate have come across specific combinations of Liga tobacco that create a special blend different from the standard Liga Privada profile. This is where the Unico series of Liga Privada comes into play. Not made in the same quantities as the Liga Privada No. 9 and T52 and using different blends of those lines, the Unico series of Liga Privada represents specific sizes and specific blends under the Liga banner. Rare, harder to find, and absolutely delicious, the Liga Privada Unico Series are always a treat. No two Unico series are the same, in either blend or size, and each represents something different than the next.

Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Series