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Curivari Buenaventura

Being a small boutique brand hasn't stopped Curivari from making waves in the cigar industry. Producing some of  the finest cigars coming out of Nicaragua right now, Curivari is a stick everyone should try. All Nicaraguan puros, Curivari uses corojo and criollo tobaccos to produce a great flavor with a medium-full bodied strength profile. It is a true sweet spot from start to finish, with each blend offering unique flavor characteristics in many different sizes.

The newest release from Curivari cigars is the Buenaventura. The strongest cigar under their umbrella, the Buenaventura comes in 3 sizes each boasting a dark, oily wrapper over a wonderful meaty blend of filler and binder. Producing plenty of smoke, each puff will delight your senses with dark roast coffee, charred meat, sweet tobacco, and just a hint of spice to top it all off. A delicious combo of flavors and the medium-full bodied strength profile make for a wonderful smoking experience. 

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  • Curivari Buenaventura BV500 (5.25x50 / 5 Pack)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV500 (5.25x50 / Box 10)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV554 (5.75x54 / 5 Pack)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV554 (5.75x54 / Box 10)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV560 (5.5x56 / 5 Pack)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV600 (6x60 / 5 Pack)
  • Curivari Buenaventura BV600 (6x60 / Box 10)
  • Curivari Buenaventura Mini BV (3.5x50 / Box 20)
  • Curivari Buenaventura Mini BV (3.5x50 / Box 20)
  • Curivari Buenaventura Petite BV (4.25x54 / Box 20)
  • Curivari Buenaventura Petite BV (4.25x54 / Box 20)