Smoking Gun Cigar Review #1 - Habana Leon

Posted by Daz Herring on 7th Sep 2016

Smoking Gun Cigar Review #1 - Habana Leon

Cigar Review #1 – Habana Leon

Cigar Review #1 – Habana Leon

The Smoking Gun Cigar Review August 22, 2016

Habana Leon – Serie P – No. 2000

Toro – (6 x 52)

A little history: This is a cigar that was blended by Don Pepin Garcia and made at the El Rey de los Habanos factory in Miami, FL. It is sold exclusively at Cigar King and can be purchased in their brick and mortar store, located at 7830 E Gelding Dr #100, Scottsdale, AZ or online at

I purchased mine at the store, but, if you don’t live in the Phoenix area, you can order on-line. I know they have a fantastic shipping department and will get sticks to you quickly and well-packaged. The name comes from a famous Cuban baseball team, named Club Habana which became Leones (the lions) del Habana(I think). They were nicknamed “Los Rojos” or “The Reds”, which is why the cigar has a beautiful red band.

Since this is the first review, I will list the questions I always want to ask would want to ask and give an answer for each based on my personal smoking experience:

What are you smoking?

Habano Leon – Serie P – No. 2000

Who makes it?

It is made exclusively for Cigar King.

Where’s it from?

It is made in Florida from Nicaraguan tobaccos.

What other sizes are available?

Originally, it was made in seven vitolas (sizes), but on Cigar King’s website, the only one available is the Toro, which is a 6 x 52 (In case you’re new to cigars, I’ll give you a little sizing information: The first number “6”, refers to the length of the cigar in inches and the second is the ring gauge. This cigar, and most Toros are a ring gauge of 52. A one inch diameter is a 64 gauge, so this cigar is about 7/8 of an inch thick.)

How much does it cost?

I don’t remember what I paid for it. I’ve had it a while. The Cigar King website has it priced at $40 for a five pack or $159.95 for a bundle of 20.

How well is it constructed?

It’s a beautifully constructed cigar. The wrapper has a few small veins, the cap is top quality, with three distinctive lines, and the foot is unfinished (not shaggy, but pressed flat).

What’s the blend (or, at least, the wrapper)?

The blend is 70% Nicaraguan Ligero filler, Nicaraguan binder, with a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper.

How did it light?

I was afraid I would get some fly-away sparks with the unfinished foot, but I didn’t. It lit very well.

How’s the draw?

The draw was perfect throughout the entire cigar.

How does it burn?

The burn was even throughout the cigar. I had one small spot toward the end of my smoke that I touched up with my lighter. I think it would have fixed itself if I left it alone.

Is there a predominate flavor/taste?

The cigar had a very barn and leather smell, with some sweetness on the foot. That told me from the start I would like the cigar (that’s what I like to smell in a good cigar). There was a predominate green pepper taste throughout (like a good merlot – not like eating a stuffed bell pepper). I would say, from my experience, it was very Cuban-esk in flavor.

Did it change as you smoked it?

It did get a little stronger in flavor about 1/3 of the way through, but was more mellow and milder at the finish.

How would you describe its strength: mild, medium, or strong?

First, I have to say, I like stronger cigars and my tastes might be a little skewed. I would call it on the lighter side of strong.

Would you smoke it again?

Yes. In fact, I smoked a second one the next day and everything about the cigar was the same.

Should I try it?

Definitely! It’s a very good cigar at a good price. Who could ask for more?

Do you have an extra that you’ll give me?

No. But, you can stop by and get one at Cigar King, in Phoenix, AZ, or you can order them online at If you order too many, you can always send me one!

Conclusion: This is a great cigar that you probably won’t be able to find in you local shop. You can order them and smoke them in front of your friends and have them ask you these same questions. You’ll already know the answers and can add some of your own insights.

Cigar King has some great cigars that are exclusive to their site. They aren’t like the typical on-line cigar vendors that sell you low-quality cigars at discount pricing (the Walmarts of the cigar world). Those companies (and you know who they are) are owned by multi-millionaire cigarette manufacturers, whose only concern is unloading cheap product and making a profit. I’ve ordered from them in the past, and have always received product that wasn’t what I really expected, was poorly kept and not well humidified, and ultimately a disappointment.

The products at Cigar King are made from the finest tobaccos, blended by masters of the craft and are produced in the top factories around the world. They have several other cigars in their line up that I am going to try (and review). They are well kept, carefully shipped and inspected by a knowledgeable staff, all of whom would be happy to assist you with your next purchase.

Well, that’s about all I have to say this time. So, for now, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through this page. I’m always happy to answer questions or tell you about what I’ve been smoking. Also, if you liked, appreciated or hated my review, let me know. I want to be a resource for the everyday cigar smoker. You don’t have to be an expert, you just need an hour or so to enjoy a good cigar.

And, remember: don’t let other people tell you what to smoke. If you like it, smoke it!