Founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho, the Camacho Cigar brand was born. Mr. Camacho began his business in Miami after being exiled from his homeland of Cuba. The cigars became a huge success in the United States and eventually became an international hit when they gained a very avid fan by the name of Mr. Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Britain. After Simon Camacho’s death, the company was taken over by the Eiroa family in the mid 1990s and production moved from Nicaragua to Honduras. Simon’s son, Christian became President of Caribe Imported Cigars and put his extensive experience from the family plantations in Honduras to work. Today, the Camacho brand has been paired with the Davidoff brand, obviously Davidoff saw something special in these cigars. Camacho Cigars has since signed a sponsorship and endorsement deals with big name sport events such as the NCAA Orange Bowl and BCS National Championship football games. They continue to operate in Honduras and have grown to become one of the most well known and well trusted brands of cigars in the world.

Camacho Limited Edition Cigars