As they say, one should never miss an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. Camacho has done just that. Fresh off the grand re-launch of the brand last summer, Honduran juggernaut Camacho Cigars wasted little time in forging their next blend. The culmination of these efforts is the new Camacho Ecuador, a cigar that represents a loosening of the reigns to allow Camacho’s top blenders to experiment. Comprised of two different Honduran tobaccos, known for their potency in both strength and flavor, alongside Dominican Pelo de Oro ligero, these three powerhouse leaves have enough gumption to be a complete blend in and of themselves, but they are merely the filler. The strength coming from the filler is balanced out by a smooth and earthy Brazilian Mata Fina binder. It’s not until the cigar gains its final component that it truly gains its character however. Camacho’s blenders pulled out the most rich, complex, and flavorful wrapper leaves they had to tie it all together. The leaf in question is an Ecuadorian Habano - distinct for its unique characteristics in terms of flavor, feel, and aroma. All of this translates to a cigar that is incredibly potent and complex. It creates a sense of pure invigoration from the first puff, and most importantly, the Camacho Ecuador lives up to ‘The Bold Standard’.


Camacho Ecuador