The Camacho Corojo Cigars were developed nearly 20 years ago when the Eiroa family figured out how to grow Cuba's most famous tobacco seed in the rich Jamastran valley in Honduras. The seed we're referring to is the infamous Corojo varietal and such Camacho Corojo was born.

Recently, the Camacho brand went under the scalpel and received completely revamped packaging, but the brand's most important blend was unchanged. It simply got a new label and box.

Camacho Corojo cigars are made entirely of Authentic Corojo leaf grown on Camacho's Jamastran farm in Danli Honduras. It is one of the few cigars on the market to use only one type of tobacco. Typically one would not expect complexity out of a cigar with one type of tobacco, the the brand of the bold somehow manages to achieve just that.

These cigars are well made. They draw & burn well and produces a good volume of smoke. The Camacho Corojo is a medium-to-full strength cigar that has lots of full, robust flavors. Expect leather, nuts, coffee, pepper and hints of cocoa to dance across your palate as you enjoy these wonderful cigars!

Camacho Corojo cigars have earned ratings as high as 94 point in Cigar Aficionado Magazine!


Camacho Corojo