Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel has the distinction of being one of the few cigar brands to survive the “cigar boom” of the 1990s. Not only did he survive, he has thrived and brought his brands to be some of the best selling cigars in the industry. If you’ve been around the cigar world for a while, there is little doubt that you have smoked one of his cigars at some point. He built his brand by following his passion and putting in the effort to build a following. He often logs more than 300 days on the road every year between visiting factories and spending quality time in cigar stores throughout the world. Rocky strives to win over new customers to his brands by interacting directly with them and sharing his enthusiasm for premium cigars and his range of premium cigars. He’s been doing it this way for over 25 years! One thing is for sure, Rocky Patel isn’t one to rest on his laurels. He is constantly learning and innovating. Working with the finest tobacco growers and cigar blenders, Rocky regularly introduces 3-5 new blends every year. Each one is unique and he’s happy to spend the time to let you know why each one is special.