Atabey Cigars are now available on! Rare, no doubt. Pricey, but worth it. Special, absolutely! Be sure to pull the trigger very fast if you'd like the opportunity to experience this amazing smoke.

Atabey is the Hermès of the cigar industry; one of the most luxurious brands we've ever carried- but what justifies it's price point? We're glad you asked. You see, Atabey has a blending and aging process unlike any other cigar company in the world, and it works like this: Atabey cigars are produced every year in extremely limited quantities and laid to rest for a minimum of 5 years post-roll. Using five different cedars (Cuban, Spanish, Lebonese, Brazilian & Mexican) the cigars are cleansed by bringing humidity down to 40% and then back up to 70% to allow the cigars to breathe in these unique cedar notes.

Atabey Cigars are made by Nelson Alfonso, the same mastermind with a hand in the creation of some of the world's most famous Cuban Cigars, and is made in Costa Rica where the blend is only known by a select few. It's an incredibly smooth cigar with a flavor profile that is as perfect as they come. So much so that The Cigar Authority has awarded multiple sizes of the line a prestigious 100 rating. What should you expect from Atabey? Complexity is an understatement, the Atabey is delicate yet continuously pulling you back in with notes of sweet cedar, dark fruit, leather and caramel.

Atabey Cigars: Now In Stock!

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