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Ashton Classic

Ashton And Other Great Cigars At

If you are looking on line for cigars or cigar accessories look no further than Cigar King’s online store. Cigar King is Arizona's best source for premium discount cigars and is the industry leader.  In business for over 50 years with hundreds of years of combined experience, Cigar King has the knowledge and passion for cigars necessary to bring only the finest cigars at the best prices directly to your door.  Ashton Cigars are only one example of the high quality and finely crafted small batch cigars that are available at Cigar King’s store and website. 

The Ashton label of cigars was founded in the mid 1980's by Philadelphia Robert Levin. An experienced tobacconist and importer by trade, he sought to create the perfect blend of tobaccos based on his long experience. After partnering with the Fuente family in the Dominican Republic he has gone on to create one of the most well respected cigar labels on the market. 

Ashton Cigars are crafted in the Dominican Republic from a blend of aged leafs chosen for flavor and quality.  The tobaccos in all the cigars are Dominican grown and cured, some have been aged for as much as 3-4 years before rolling and then aged another year after that. Many of the blends are rolled in smooth Connecticut Shade wrappers which accentuate the robust and creamy flavors. Ashton only uses the best and most resinous wrappers for its cigars, one of its trademark qualities. The resulting smoke is smooth and balanced with a draw that leaves a hint of spice lingering on the palate. These cigars are good for anytime and make a fine gift that any cigar aficionado would love to enjoy.

Over the past 25 years Ashton has continued to innovate the industry and produce new styles of cigars.  The Ashton line of cigars comes in 6 unique styles and a wide variety of blends.  With each new release the Ashton name has grown in stature as cigar lovers around the world demand these fine smokes and seek them out.  Cigar King is the number one place on the internet to find Ashton cigars and has them in five packs, boxes and variety packs. 

Sort by:
  • Ashton 898 (6.5x44 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton 898 (6.5x44 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Churchill (7.5x52 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Churchill (7.5x52 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Cigarillo Tin (3.75x26 / Tin of 10)
  • Ashton Cordial (5x30 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Cordial (5x30 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Corona (5.5x44 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Corona (5.5x44 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Double Magnum (6x50 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Double Magnum (6x50 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Esquire (4.13x32 / 1 Tin of 10)
  • Ashton Esquire (4.13x32 / 10 Tins of 10)
  • Ashton Esquire Maduro (4.13x32 / 1 Tin of 10)
  • Ashton Esquire Maduro (4.13x32 / 10 Tins of 10)
  • Ashton Half Corona (4.125x37 / Tin of 5)
  • Ashton Imperial Tube (5x44 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Imperial Tube (5x44 / Box 24)
  • Ashton Magnum (5x50 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Magnum (5x50 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Majesty (6x56 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Majesty (6x56 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Mini Cigarillo (3.25x20  /Tin of 20)
  • Ashton Monarch Tube (6x50 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Monarch Tube (6x50 / Box 24)
  • Ashton Panatela (6x36 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Panatela (6x36 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Prime Minister (6.88x48 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Prime Minister (6.88x48 / Box 25)
  • Ashton Senorita (3.5x30 Tin of 10)
  • Ashton Senorita Connecticut  (3.5x30 / Tin of 10)
  • Ashton Sovereign Torpedo (6.75x55 / 5 Pack)
  • Ashton Sovereign Torpedo (6.75x55 / Box 25)