STALK by Leaf By Oscar Connecticut Toro (6x52 / 5 Pack)

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STALK by Leaf By Oscar Connecticut Toro
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STALK by Leaf By Oscar Connecticut Toro (6x52 / 5 Pack)

Have we got some exciting news for you! One of the most groundbreaking exclusive cigars to ever grace the domestic market is here. If you’ve ever heard of, purchased, or enjoyed a Leaf by Oscar Cigar, you will want to pay attention to this incredible, brand new 2020 release known as STALK by Oscar.

If you’ve been living under a cigar-shaped rock, Oscar is the proprietor of one of the largest, well-respected factories in Danli, Honduras. This guy is the new heavy hitter in the cigar industry. Every Oscar-made cigar sells well in our humidor, and our own personal humidors are chock full of them as well. The Stalk is a release that is no different - it smokes easy, slow, and bursts with unique flavor.

Available in four different wrappers, each cigar is glistening with oils, and will take you on an unforgettable journey of flavor and true cigar-making passion. These juicy Honduran Puro's will remind you why Oscar is truly heralded as a cigar legend in the world of fine cigars.

The Stalk by Oscar is a cigar that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. In fact, it’s very simple: If you smoke Leaf By Oscar cigars, you’re going to love the Stalk By Oscar. It’s half the price, with every bit of the same great flavor! Grab your bundle for just $99.95 plus Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!