Cohiba Nicaragua

  • Origin Nicaragua
  • Wrapper Nicaragua
  • Binder Nicaragua
  • Filler Nicaragua
  • Strength Medium-Full

Cohiba is one of the most well-known names in the cigar industry, and it may be one of the best-known luxury brand names in the world. Ask anyone who swims in the upper echelons of society and they will surely tell you that Cohiba is the pinnacle of luxury. So how does one create a new Cohiba blend for this marquee brand? Very carefully. The management team at Cohiba approach each new product in a way that befits the status of its name. Their commitment is to create new and exciting blends for the brand using the finest raw materials (tobaccos) available, at the best factories in the world, and they only use their best cigar rollers to produce these cigars. It is this commitment that ensures each Cohiba will be a special experience for those who choose to enjoy them as they continue to create new cigars worthy of the Cohiba name.

Pequenos by Cohiba Nicaragua is a little premium cigar with a very big taste. Venturing into Nicaragua for the first time, this marquee brand has created a full-bodied smoke using proprietary tobaccos from this fertile Nation’s top growing regions. Dark, earthy, and delicious, these little firecrackers come in 5 tins containing 6 each, so you can enjoy them wherever you may go.

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