Wild Hunter By Oscar Zombie Hunting Pack (10 PACK SPECIAL) + 30% OFF + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

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Wild Hunter By Oscar Zombie Hunting Pack (10 PACK SPECIAL) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

Is it Halloween yet? Close enough! We debuted the Wild Hunter Oscuro just a few weeks ago on Cigar King and were met with huge demand and rave reviews- everyone seemed to love it. After all, who doesn't love Oscar Valladares, creator of Leaf and Island Jim Cigars?!

Now, Oscar's unleashed a second Wild Hunter, this time in a Natural wrapper. Between these two groundbreaking releases, we just can't seem to figure out which one we like best; so in the spirit of Halloween, we've released a hoard of flesh eating zombies and paired you up with a head to head pack of Wild Hunter, both in Natural and Oscuro wrappers. This is Oscar's hottest two blends yet, and we know you're going to absolutely love them!

Both cigars utilize all-Honduran blends, with filler and binder leaves harvested from Valladares' own farms. Smokers can expect a medium/full body, showcasing a true Honduran profile through and through—one that can be just as easily enjoyed in the garage as it can in the woods. The natural-wrapped cigar offers flavors of cedar, earth, medium-roast coffee, and red pepper; meanwhile, the dark oscuro brings cocoa, earth, a curious black pepper, and a juicy sweetness.

Stay well-stocked against the undead masses and purchase your Wild Hunter 10-Pack today! Each pack comes with a hefty 30% OFF discount (24 hours only!) PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order. You won't find a better deal anywhere on the net, so be sure to grab your pack now!


In this pack, you're getting:

6- Wild Hunter Oscuro By Oscar Valladres 

4- Wild Hunter Natural By Oscar Valladres 

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Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!