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Wild Hunter By Oscar Toro Natural (6x52 / 5 Pack)

Oscar, creator of Leaf By Oscar, is on a freakin’ roll. From Leaf to Island Jim Cigars, to being the proprietor of one of the largest, well-respected factories in Danli, Honduras; this guy is the new heavy hitter in the cigar industry. Every Oscar-made cigar sells well in our humidor, and our own personal humidors are chock full of them as well!

Oscar’s newest release is called The Wild Hunter. The name came when Oscar Valladares noticed a reoccurring trend- cigar smokers that also happened to be hunting enthusiasts. Putting two and two together, it wasn't long before smokers were introduced to the Oscar Valladares Wild Hunter. Having the looks of a camouflaged ammo box, the Wild Hunter is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your next hunt! The cigars arrive in two varieties: Natural and Dark Oscuro. 

Both cigars utilize all-Honduran blends, with filler and binder leaves harvested from Valladares' own farms. Smokers can expect a medium/full body, showcasing a true Honduran profile through and through—one that can be just as easily enjoyed in the garage as it can in the woods. The natural-wrapped cigar offers flavors of cedar, earth, medium-roast coffee, and red pepper; meanwhile, the dark oscuro brings cocoa, earth, a curious black pepper, and a juicy sweetness.

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