Can I have your ear for a moment? Keep this deal on the downlow, because it’s not exactly “kosher” if you get my drift… You’re getting 15 Warped Cigars for $99.95 - that’s just $6.66 a stick. To stay in everyone’s good book, we’re not telling you what you’re getting - but if you’re not smiling ear-to-ear when you open your package, send everything back to us for a full refund- however, that ain’t gonna happen! You’re going to love us, and that’s a fact, Jack! 

Warped is one of the hottest, most cubanesque cigar brands to ever grace the domestic market. They have a massive cult following, and get a big stamp of approval from the boys at the Cigar King. Seriously, get ready to fall in love.

Introduced to the market in 2009 by Kyle Gellis, who has been enamored with handmade premium cigars since his youth, Warped Cigars provide my palate with an incredible array of mouthwatering flavors and blends that I simply cannot get enough of.

Ranging from medium bodied to full bodied and rolled with top-notch construction at the famous El Titan de Bronze cigar factory in Miami, Florida, Warped has a blend that will suit just about any palate’s preference.

One of their most top-rated blends is the Gran Reserva 1988. Celebrating Kyle’s 30th birthday, this blend uses vintage Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos for the wrapper, binder, and fillers, providing a deliciously good medium-bodied smoke with notes of spice, cream, leather, and rich tobacco sweetness. With a constantly growing portfolio of top-shelf blends, your humidor is incomplete without at least one stick from Warped.