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Viaje Limited Summer Release 10 Packs


Holy macaroni -  Viaje's just shipped it's Seasonal Summerfest and Skull & Bones Releases in super limited quantities! We won't lie, these will be sold out & off our website most likely within 48 hours, so please, if you'd like a taste of the ultra-boutique cigar life, grab a bite-sized 10 Pack for yourself now!

Not long ago, the cigar industry ran on classic, mainstay brands that were backed by deep pockets and bigwig parent company's. Viaje Cigars were one of the few small batch companies to change that forever.

When we talk about cigar brands with cult followings behind them, believe us when we say that Viaje Cigar Co. is an outfit that is almost always mentioned.

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  • *SOLD OUT* Viaje Daisy Cutter Petite Robusto (4x54 / 10 Pack)
  • *SOLD OUT* Viaje Summerfest Toro (6x54 / 10 Pack)
  • Viaje WMD Petite Robusto (3.75x54 / 10 Pack)