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AJ Fernandez is one of the golden blenders of our era. Each one of his cigars seems to be a smashing success, and one of his newest is no different! Dias De Gloria, or glory days, is one of his newest- and it pays homage to the pre-Cuban revolution days of premium tobacco, back where his family started their tobacco dynasty.

AJ cigars are hand crafted in Nicaragua now, but there's no doubt that only the highest quality tobaccos grown on four of the family's oldest farms in Esteli and aged to perfection for up to seven years were used for this special blend.

When asked about Dias de Gloria, Fernandez said: "I want everyone to enjoy it like the glory days of old Cuba." The blend itself is nothing short of a full-bodied masterpiece. Packed with deep notes of cocoa, sweet baker’s spices, and earth; this is a cigar that showcases just how good cuban-seed Nicaraguan cigars have become.