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Toscano Cigars - Now In Stock!


It's not often you hear about current brands that have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, you almost never do! But Toscano Cigars have stood the test of time in a big way, and for good reason- they're consistent, they're inexpensive, and they're actually very tasty.

The Toscano cigar is not a typical cigar as the Kentucky tobacco used in making it is generally a pipe tobacco. Kentucky tobacco is cultivated in various regions of Italy. For the wrapper, North American Kentucky leaves are used in various Toscano cigars because of its wider width. Kentucky leaves from Southern Italy, particularly Campania and Umbria, are used to attain certain sweet flavors found in Toscano Garibaldi and Toscanello Garibaldi.

The tobacco leaves first undergo a type of wet fermentation, in which they are moistened and flame-cured in ovens fueled by oak and beech woods for a total of 15 to 20 days, which infuse the Toscano cigar with a unique flavor. The tobacco, which is used as filler, is a blend of Italian traditionally-grown Kentucky and North American Kentucky. The flavored Toscanello cigars use a filler blend of Italian, South American, and Far East Kentucky tobacco.

Try Toscano Cigars for yourself today, and see why they've remained a player in the industry for over two hundred years!

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  • TOSCANO ANNO DOMINI 1492 (6x38 / 10 Packs Of 2)
  • TOSCANO ANNO DOMINI 1492 (6x38 / Pack Of 2)
  • Toscano Antica Riserva (6.25x36 / Pack of 2)
  • TOSCANO ANTICO (6x38 / 10 Packs Of 5)
  • TOSCANO ANTICO (6x38 / Pack Of 5)
  • TOSCANO Classico Maduro (6x38 / 10 Packs of 5)
  • TOSCANO Classico Maduro (6x38 / Pack of 5)
  • Toscano Extra Vecchio (6.25x36 / Pack of 5)
  • Toscano Modigliani (6.25x36 / Pack of 5)