I'll make this short and sweet: I decided to go haywire and compiled a tiptop list of all-new low, low, low priced burners in anticipation of the weekend. I'm ready to party, and in just a few moments, I suspect you'll be right there with me. Check this out:

Get ready for some of the best deals you've seen all year. These featured cigar offers forgo all element of surprise, replaced instead by set-in-stone sale pricing so salacious, my boss may very well return ME for store credit. That means today only, unless he pulls the plug early.

Folks, this Thirsty Thursday sale is now live on Cigar King. Pricing is uber-tasty and they're all right there in front of ya, only sans the element of surprise. Whatever happens, grab the goodies and make fast work of it, my fellows. Have a great day!