Tatuaje Old Man And The "C" Sampler


The story of Tatuaje’s The Old Man and the C continues with a special release under the Fausto name. This project began a decade ago, paying tribute to Ernest Hemingway’s similarly titled novel and offers cigar lovers a special treat by releasing small-batch culebras.

Culebra is spanish for "snake." Culebras are cigars made of three panetelas braided and banded together. Legend has it that the culebra was invented as a way for factory owners to ensure their rollers were not exceeding their three cigars per day allotment. They would be given one braided culebra; a worker smoking (or taking) a straight cigar could be recognized as stealing. Whatever the legend, culebras are a special part of cigar history, and Tatuaje Old Man and the “C” expertly carries on this tradition.

With the Tatuaje Old Man and the C Flight, you get the opportunity to sample 12 ultra-unique Tatuaje blends in one special pack. Each pack is discounted nearly 20%, and awards you Free Shipping On Your Entire Order. Do not miss this special release, it will sell out quick!