GARY THE STORE MANAGER SAYS: "Congratulations on your savings, you just cost me a new set of golf clubs." Yes, it's true that this special Sunday deal is making Gary work overtime, but it's nothing that a delicious cigar can't fix!

Boy oh boy have we lined up a doozy: I've got a boatload of best-selling cigars hitting the sale rack for 24 hours. Yeee-haw! This is a smattering of popular, best-of list of boutiques and national brands accompanied by hefty discounts and gratis shipping on nearly every product.

Towel off from the pool and turn your gaze toward the list of brands: a straightforward top-tier cigar best-seller list. Grab n' go, it's a no lose proposition. Just remember, this deal's only good for today- so be sure to lock your desired deal in before the clock strikes midnight!