*SOLD OUT* Viaje Black and White Maduro (6.75x52 / Box 24)


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Viaje Black and White Maduro (6.75x52 / Box 24)

You know how Viaje releases work - they're here & gone within a matter of days, sometimes hours! Instead of trying to describe a product we'll never get the opportunity to smoke and enjoy (because they're so rare!), we'll let Viaje CEO Andre Farkas take it away and explain it in his own words! Here he is:

"THE BLACK AND WHITE - A very famous cookie. You have probably had one or at the very least seen them. Chocolate on one side, vanilla on the other. Two very popular flavors existing in perfect harmony. How you eat one is a personal preference, but the result is a very tasty experience. The Viaje Black and White is much the same. Connecticut and Maduro wrapped marvels blended to complement one another in every way. Do you smoke the Connecticut and then the Maduro? Do you smoke the Maduro and then the Connecticut? Do you smoke them at the same time? What we can guarantee is no matter how you choose to smoke them, there is no wrong way. Experiment and see what method tastes best to you. So we ask, how do you smoke your Black and White?"