*SOLD OUT* Tatuaje Monster Series Tiff No. 12 (5.875x52 / Dress Box 13)


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Tatuaje Monster Series Tiff  No. 12 (5.875x52 / Dress Box 13)

 Boo! Rare Tatuaje Monsters have just arrived in stock and ready to be devoured by devoted cigar deviants everywhere! These aren't like regular monsters- these bad boys are the rare and real deal! Once a year in October, when things start to get really spooky, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje puts out a release and sends the cigar industry into a Monster cigar-fiending frenzy!

This year's monster duo is Tiff & Chuck; so if you're ready for a killer smoke, pick up a box of these sought after 'gars today. Remember, these are being sold on a first come, first serve basis, so hurry on down and get yourself a box now!