*SOLD OUT* Nightmares UTTLTU vs Embargo Viejo Vintage Corona (10 PACK SPECIAL) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!


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Nightmares UTTLTU vs Embargo Viejo Vintage Corona (10 PACK SPECIAL) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

Earlier in the year, we announced the second release of NIGHTMARES “UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US”, a grassroots small-batch project both blended & designed exclusively by our in-house tobacconists. The idea was to spend little to no money on packaging, and allot the rest of the budget to sourcing the highest quality AAA tobaccos available on the market. Within two weeks of debuting, NIGHTMARES “UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US” had sold out both in-store and online, and was met with huge praise (and also a hundred phone calls, which was awesome!)

Following the frenzy that NIGHTMARES had caused amongst our patrons, we immediately called the factory that had orchestrated the initial release for a re-order, and put our tobacconists back to work in search of an all-new line that could generate twice the appreciation that the initial line had received. While experimenting and blending at an undisclosed factory, one of our guys was directed to a few dusty shelves stacked with about 10,000 [already rolled] cigars. 

The story was that these cigars were an abandoned project from 2007 by a major player in the industry. Who that was, even we don’t know. But we smoked them, and we fell in love. Instead of spending time on a brand new blend, we immediately bought every last vintage 2007 cigar off of the shelf, and it was at that moment that NIGHTMARES “EMBARGO VIEJO”, (literally translating to ‘Old Embargo’) was born. 

Here’s what we can tell you about the blend- it’s a Nicaraguan Puro that’s been resting for over 10 years in a perfect cigar environment. You’ll get a unique opportunity to experience a true, vintage cigar in incredible condition at a fantastic price point. Expect smooth & rich savory smoke with light spice and natural earth on the finish. 

We’ve smoked and vetted this blend for ourselves, and we’ll say this: If you smoke medium-bodied cigars, you are going to absolutely love this blend. We’re so confident in that, we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you try this blend and find you’re not loving what you’re smoking, we’ll send you a return label and refund your money in full. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it (and tell your friends about it!) See (and smoke) for yourself what over a decade of age can do to a cigar - it's an experience you won't forget.