PART TWO IS HERE: Our first 50% OFF Scorcher deal was a major hit last month, so we're bringing it back by popular demand! Just to be crystal clear, there ain't a single item on here that ISN'T 50% OFF. No suprises anywhere. Enjoy!

Okay, so you know how these other cigar sites always give you that "Up to 50% Off" clap trap, but when you click into the deal, only a handful of items are actually half off? I can't stand that- so I put together a deal where there isn't a single item under 50% off! Thank me later, ladies and gents. Enjoy!

Take me back to the 50's! No, I'm not talking about the 1950's - I'm talking about getting the juiciest discounts on some of the best brands to ever do it in the cigar industry!

Each item you see in this deal is knocked off at least 50 points. Don't ask us how we do it, and please don't go telling our competitors- we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! The important thing is that you get the lowest possible price on the cigars you love to smoke. Whoohoo!