2020 RoMa Craft Wholesale Deal!


In the world of discerning cigar enthusiasts, Nicaraguan Cigars reign supreme. You’d be hard-pressed to find another non-Nicaraguan region that can match the unparalleled balance of flavor and strength that a pure, Nicaraguan blend brings to the table. 

Whether you’re already familiarized with Nicaraguan cigars, or just starting to dabble, one outfit you need to know about is RoMa Craft Tobac; an incredible boutique style manufacturer that commands major respect in the cigar industry. Worshipped by aficionados from both the old and the new school, nobody does it quite like the RoMa Craft Guys. We feature them often on Cigar King, and for good reason: These sticks are not only packed with fantastic Nicaraguan tobaccos, but they're reasonably priced, and believe us when we say: They're worth every penny!

Intemperance EC is a subsiderary of RoMa Craft, and is a unique, limited production vitola that uses an Ecuadorian grown Connecticut wrapper over an Indonesian binder with a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobacco's. Don't let the Connecticut wrapper fool you though, this is a solid medium plus bodied cigar that bring a lot of flavor to the table. The combination of the Ecuadorian grown wrapper with the Indonesian binder provides a bit more spice then your typical Connecticut wrapped cigar and the filler combination brings some strength. If you are looking for a creamy, slightly spicy, medium bodied cigar, then be sure to grab this Intemperance EC XVIII.

In this special, we’ve taken 5 RoMa Craft Intemperance EC’s, and paired them up with 5 of our own Aganorsa-Leaf made Nicaraguan Treats, and slashed the price up to 50% OFF retail pricing! We’ll even sweeten the deal and throw in Free Shipping on your entire order! This is a red-hot deal, so be sure to get it now while it’s still around!