RoMa Craft Mega Deal Feat. Aquitaine!


RoMa Craft is an incredible boutique style manufacturer that commands major respect in the cigar industry. Worshipped by aficionados from both the old and the new school, nobody does it quite like the RoMa Craft Guys. We feature them often on Cigar King, and for good reason: These sticks are not only packed with fantastic Nicaraguan tobaccos, but they're reasonably priced, and believe us when we say: They're worth every penny!

One of the biggest problems craft cigar brands face is lack of consistency in their product. While one batch may receive serious accolades from the general public, the next run may taste like a completely different cigar; after all, cigars are nothing more than dried, rolled up crops. Tricky, right? RoMa Craft is one of the few boutique outfits that we can truly say does not battle with this issue. They have their own dedicated factories, rollers, and tobacco fumigation and storage facilities. 

CroMagnon Aquitaine is one of RoMa Craft flagship lines, and features a gorgeous reddish-brown Colorado Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that houses a custom-sourced Cameroon binder which is then filled to the brim with top of the line Esteli grown filler tobaccos. A full flavored cigar, the RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine is bursting with complex flavors you won't find anywhere else. Expect heady notes of white pepper, earth, and a robusto spicy sweetness. 

We've absolutely fallen in love with this line, and we know you will too. If you smoke medium bodied cigars, we recommend going with an EMH Robusto size. If you're on the fuller side of things, try the Anthropology Lonsdale. Whichever size you decide to go with, you should know that we're featuring the entire brand in bite-sized 10-Packs featuring 10% OFF retail pricing, $50 in Buenos Suenos Cigars (they've been aging for years, and they're freaking delicious!), and Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Yahoo!