People always ask me what my favorite cigar is. Right now, it's undoubtedly the Foundation Olmec! I have never seen a more meticulous cigar manufacturing process go into a cigar. So much love and attention has gone into these small batch beauties, it would be criminal not to pick up a few. Grab a box from while they're still available!

Nick Mellilo is one of the cigar industry's most prolific blenders. His latest release, the Olmec, is an homage to the Olmec Civilization, one of the most influential ancient societies of the early Americas. The Olmecs pre-date the Aztecs and Mayans, and were one of the first to consume and cultivate tobacco in the same soils that this all-new cigar is grown in. The seed variety that comes from these soils is considered one of the oldest seed varieties in the world.

Olmec cigars contain the finest Nicaraguan filler tobaccos from the Esteli and Jalapa valleys. After fermentation, these filler tobaccos are bale aged for three years before arriving on the production floor. The San Andrés Negro wrapper tobacco comes from the rich volcanic soil of the land of the Olmecs. It is fermented slowly at low temperatures to preserve the natural oils that give rich flavor. The blend delivers a full-bodied smoking experience with rich flavors of cacao, dark espresso, and spice without being too aggressive.

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