Rare Yagua Sampler by JC Newman


JC Newman is one of the few American (and family owned!) cigar companies steeped in both history and mystery. From owning the largest cigar factory in Tampa, to having a secret handshake deal with Arturo Fuente cigars (Many of their blends are made by the Fuente Family!), this is a brand that is loved by everyone who enjoys premium cigars. 

Just recently, they debuted their all-new “Yagua” cigar, and before we could blink, it was sold out everywhere we looked. If you missed your shot at securing some for yourself, we’re pleased to announce that the Newman family was gracious enough to send us a few more for those that did not get the opportunity to enjoy this fresh release. But wait, there’s an extra bonus you’re going to love: 

We decided to pair four of JC Newman’s biggest winners (two are made exclusively by Arturo Fuente!) with two of their all-new Yagua cigars, and put it all into one juicy sampler. Ready for the real kicker? Each pack comes with a 100% FREE Diamond Crown Cameroon Double Belicoso, an extra-secret 125th anniversary limited edition cigar also made by Arturo Fuente. These are not for sale anywhere! Oh, and you also get a big fat discount off our selling price, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Get your pack before they disappear forever.