Rare Yagua Sampler by JC Newman


Rare Yagua is back. Each pack comes with 5 Ultra-rare JC Newman Yagua Cigars, and 4 Diamond Crown Julius Ceaser Toro's (made by Arturo Fuente!) Last time we ran a deal like this, we sold out of everything within 24 hours- so hurry and grab yours now!

JC Newman is one of the few American (and family owned!) cigar companies steeped in both history and mystery. From owning the largest cigar factory in Tampa, to having a secret handshake deal with Arturo Fuente cigars (Many of their blends are made by the Fuente Family!), this is a brand that is loved by everyone who enjoys premium cigars. 

Just recently, they debuted their all-new “Yagua” cigar, and before we could blink, it was sold out everywhere we looked. If you missed your shot at securing some for yourself, we’re pleased to announce that the Newman family was gracious enough to send us a few more for those that did not get the opportunity to enjoy this fresh release. 

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is a limited production beauty that’s rolled in small batches by the Fuente family. Boasting a 93-rating and spot on performance, this cigar easily fits in with the elite crowd. Dressed in an Ecuador Havana-seed wrapper draped over a Dominican binder, and featuring an eclectic mix of Caribbean basin and Central American fillers, this gem of a cigar is nothing short of fantastic. Enjoy smooth and robust flavors galore, including rich coffee, sweetness, spice, and wood. Trust me....Brutus would be super jealous.

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