Rare Viaje Farmer Bill Hatchet Sampler


Holy cannoli -  one of Viaje's hottest releases is back in super limited quantities - the Viaje Farmer Bill Hatchet. What's even better, is we paired it with eight other special releases made in the Viaje Factory, including the ever-so-special Viaje Hang Time, available only during Christmas!

Not long ago, the cigar industry ran on classic, mainstay brands that were backed by deep pockets and bigwig parent company's. Viaje Cigars were one of the few small batch companies to change that forever.  When we talk about cigar brands with cult followings behind them, believe us when we say that Viaje is an outfit that is almost always mentioned.

Each pack comes with nine total cigars, three being ultra-rare Viaje releases, as well as eight additional bestsellers made in the same factory as Viaje. Believe us when we say: Every cigar in this pack is a massive fan-favorite, and highly recommended by our cigar experts.

Remember, this is one of Viaje's rarest releases of the year. These sell out within a few hours, so if you've been dying to try a rare Viaje release, secure yours now!