FLYING OFF THE SHELVES: Tatuaje Tuxtla Limited Edition is being offered to the general public for the first time in the company's history. This is huge. Folks, this will sell out lightning fast... do NOT miss your chance to get your hands on these delicious cubanesque stogies. Oh, and getting a box of these nets you Free Shipping On Your Entire Order- so be sure to fill your cart for maximum savings!

Tatuaje is a cigar company built by Pete Johnson, specifically designed to satisfy cigar smokers looking for medium-to-full bodied Nicaraguan blends. Ever since the company teamed up with famed master blender Don 'Pepin' Garcia, they have amassed a gigantic cult following in the industry, and continue to put out some of the most sought after releases in the industry.

Tatuaje’s brand new limited edition sports the name Tuxtla, prounounced "Toos-tlah," representing the region of Mexico where San Andrés tobacco is grown. For those familiar with Tatuaje's branding structure—where Capa Especial represents a Sumatra wrapper and Reserva signifies a Broadleaf wrapper—the Tuxtla may be a sign of a new San Andrés-wrapped addition to the collection- so this is extra special

This first run includes three famed Tatuaje cigars: Avion 13, T110, and Tatuaje 7th. Each of these cigars feature similar core blends to their original namesake cigar, showcasing a new Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper that makes for a new take on some old favorites. Tatuaje Avion 13 Tuxtla The Tatuaje Avion 13 Tuxtla is rolled in a 6⅞" x 52 perfecto format and is limited to 2,000 boxes. 

Rare Tatuaje Tuxla Limited Edition