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Rare Sobremesa Brulee Cake Packs By Saka


"The Sobremesa Brûlée is a triumph of sweetness and buttercream flavor unlike any other cigar I’ve ever smoked. Similar to the cartoonish beckoning finger of steam you’d see on a Saturday morning cartoon, this is one of those ultra-unique hybrid blends that oozes unforgettable aromas of freshly baked dessert.

We’re bananas for this blend; You’ve gotta try it- and we’ve never offered it at a cheaper price. Hurry, this deals only good for 12 hours."


Sitting here smoking the new Sobremesa Brulee, I can't help but think of dessert. That, and the phrase "Let Them Eat Cake!" 

Typically, cigar geeks like myself tend to lean towards the darker, medium to full bodied spectrum of cigars; but master blender Steve Saka has really opened my eyes to just how much a Connecticut Shade Blend can really offer the consumer, even the consumer that exclusively smokes "strong" blends.

Bored yet? I'll cut to the chase: This is a blend everyone should try, regardless of their strength preference. If you're anything like me (open minded, eager to try new blends, and very handsome), the incredible flavor complexity alone will really change your entire perspective on the Connecticut shade leaf. It's also worth noting that this was blended by one of the most talented honchos in the business, Mr. Steve Saka, aka the Godfather of Liga Privada.

In closing, there are a few blends released every year that we put the Cigar King employee seal of approval on, and this is one of them. The Sobremesa Brulee Cake Flight will dazzle you with big, pronounced flavors of sugar cane, heavy cream, maple syrup, almonds, and more. 

Try each size in one scrumptious pack and get 10% OFF retail pricing, plus Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Enjoy!

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