There are only a few releases that sell out within an hour of us debuting them- this is one of them. Our first allotment in May was sold out before Saka could print the shipping label addressed to our aging rooms.

Now, our next allotment is on it's way. More is known about the blend then before, but we still haven't smoked it, because we can't get our hands on a sample- and Saka ain't givin' out no samples of "Muestra De Saka" (a lot of irony there if you speak-a the Spanish-a!) Here's what halfwheel.com had to say about this rare unicorn blend:

"There are times when a cigar will be described as having "a lot to offer," which I have generally interpreted as being a lot of flavor transitions and complexity. Yet in the case of the Muestra de Saka Unstolen Valor, I found myself thinking that this cigar has a lot to offer, even though it doesn't necessarily run the gamut of tastes and aromas.

Rather, it performs with the grace and confidence of a single malt Scotch or a USDA Prime steak. It knows it doesn't need to try and offer every flavor, because the ones it does offer are simply that good. While this may not be the cigar or profile for everyone, if given the chance it should do nothing but impress you."

92/100 Rating