Rare RoMa Craft Saberooth & BAKA Flights

HOLIDAY RARITIES: To be a cigar lover during the holidays is one of the greatest joys known to man. Like clockwork, cigar outfits large and small debut small-batch, limited edition Holiday blends that we all go bonkers for. Today, RoMa Craft is in the spotlight with their highly sought-after Sabertooth and BAKA releases. Get 'em both in this special pack for a nice discount plus Free Shipping On Your Entire Order. Stock limited- first come, first served!
RoMa Craft Tobac is a brand that doesn't make a bad cigar. When we think of brands that command a cult following, RoMa Craft is one of the top culprits on the list. If you smoke medium to full bodied blends, and enjoy tasty, oily wrappers exploding with flavor, you absolutely need to try this line.
What better way to discover the highly coveted RoMa Craft than with the Sabertooth Rare Holiday Flight? This mash up features rare limited editions such as Sabertooth, Baka, AWS, Humility, and more!