THE PERFECT CIGAR: Ultra-Rare Padron #96 Limited Edition Family Reserve is one of the most talked about releases since it debuted in '22. Subsequently, it's near impossible to source for our customers, so when we received a surprise shipment yesterday afternoon, we went absolutely wild. Order yours before they sell out for good.

Since debuting the groundbreaking Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series during the height of the great cigar boom of the '90s, Padrón Cigars has methodically upped the ante in terms of fine-tuned tobacco engineering, including follow-up releases such as the Padrón 1926 Serie and the crème de la crème achievement: Padrón Family Reserve.

The legendary Padrón Family Reserve line first debuted in 2007, making use of the company's finest Nicaraguan tobaccos, which are aged for 10 years prior to being rolled. Originally said to be an exclusive blend for the Padrón family and close friends, the aptly named Family Reserve has expanded gradually over the years to include a wider range of sizes, often made to commemorate special anniversaries of Padrón family members or the Padrón company.

This holds true with the Padrón Family Reserve No. 96 cigar, which was made in honor of what would have been company founder, José Orlando Padrón's, 96th birthday. As with nearly all other Padrón cigars, the Family Reserve No. 96 arrives in both Natural and Maduro varieties. However, the 5¾" x 52 robusto extra cigars differentiate themselves among their siblings with a traditional parejo (non-box-pressed) format. Often described as Padrón's fullest-bodied smoking experience, the Padrón Family Reserve No. 96 cigars offer deep, long-lasting flavor for the seasoned enthusiast, including standout notes of earth, mocha, bourbon-soaked oak, and deep stone fruit through the finish.