We just price-crushed one of the most sought-after holiday gifts in the cigar world- the Oliva advent Calendar! Score over 30% OFF Retail Pricing on this limited edition product from your friends at Cigar King- and if that ain't enough, we're even giving away Free Shipping On Your Entire Order for the next 48 hours! Enjoy!

Counting down the days 'till Christmas? We are too! Do it in style with a special advent calendar by the big boys at Oliva! Now, this ain't your average Holiday countdown calendar- Oliva took all the chocolate out of this one and filled it with cigars instead!

This monstrous box contains 25 slots, each concealing a premium handmade cigar crafted in the Oliva Factory. The idea is to burn one each day leading up until Christmas. I won’t spoil all the fun, but we can promise that all 25 cigars are premium long-filler blends that don the Oliva name, some of them are ultra-rare and have never been seen before! With the likes of Serie V, Serie V Melanio, Master Blends III, various NUB blends, Serie G, Serie O and more, there are no slouches here- just beautiful Oliva Cigars, and even a free Oliva lighter! Pick one up and begin your Herf down to Christmas with Oliva!


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